Food: Today’s lunch

After working up a sweat on a walk in a nearby forest, this morning, myself and Tom were quite peckish. Being in the forest inspired me to make a Scandinavian lunch:

Egg & cucumber knäckebröd, drizzled with a mustard and dill dressing, lingonberry pickled onions and fresh dill sprigs. All served on my vintage Iittala Solaris plate by Tapio Wirkkala, just added to the Scandi-ness of it all 🙂

The cucumber was dressed in a mixture of sugar, white wine vinegar and akvavit, mmmm!

The dressing is lovely and silky, and really quick to make. It just needs:

  • 1tbs of rapeseed oil
  • 2 tsp of white wine vinegar
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of Dijon mustard
  • sprinkling of dried dill
  • a couple of sprigs of fresh dill (chopped)
  • some sugar,
  • salt and pepper, to taste

just mix them together until it all emulsifies into a lovely sharp and punchy dressing.

The pickled onions, another easily made component, I made a couple of weeks ago, and it just gets better as many a pickle with time:

Simply cut up a red onion in half and separate into rings, then make a mixture of vinegar, sugar, water in a bowl Add in a couple of cloves, crushed cinnamon stick and a Star anise . I used a lovely lingonberry cider vinegar i found in IKEA, its so fruity!

We served it with a very appropriate Scandi-inspired cocktail made with:

  • 1 shot vodka (I used Finlandia)
  • 2 shots of Akvavit
  • a splash of blueberry syrup, from IKEA,
  • some lemon juice,
  • a sprig of mint

Topped up with elderflower flavour sparkling water. This makes a fruity and refreshing tipple!


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