Food: Tonight’s dinner

Since lunch was a Northern European affair, I wanted to continue with the European theme, only a bit more eastern.

A couple of weeks ago it had been Polish week in Lidl, and being that every time I had tried pierogi in places like London, I adored them, so I bought a bagful.

Not knowing what to do with them, I Googled what to traditionally serve them with (which is usually a beet soup), and being as Tom hates beetroot, (yet I love it šŸ˜‰ ) I came up with an alternative.

This is what I came up with:

Pierogis topped with fried onion, bacon, sour cream and chives, served along side some Bratwurst and caraway sour cabbage.

It was delicious and SO hearty! It matched perfectly with a German Pilsner.

I made the sour cabbage, by frying off some bacon, rendering down the fat, then added a cheeky knob of unsalted butter and a cupful of water until they amalgamated into a big fatty goodness. I then added the cabbage along with a cup of white wine vinegar, sugar and caraway seeds. Cook until tender, strain, season, and serve. Sour, yet not enough to take the enamel off your teeth ;)!

This food wasn’t going to win any beauty contests, but I hope I’ve presented them at their best. One thing I know, now I know how delicious they are, next time I’m totally going to make them from scratch.


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