Food: Skyr for breakfast!

Skyr, the Icelandic-super food, has been on my radar for a while. It is one of many reasons why the Icelandic diet, topped the Channel 4 documentary The World’s Best Diet, in November last year. I have wanted to try it, but it has proven to be very elusive within the UK,with there being only places in London, where they sell the white gold. Even America has Skyr with products like Siggi’s Skyr. C’mon!

The first place you can get it is at the Scandinavian Kitchen on Great Titchfield Street, one of my favourite places to go in London – to eat, Fika, and stock up on Scandi products. They even have a skyr mailing list, it’s that popular, notifying all skyr-lovers when it’s in stock. Sadly I am never in London when it is in stock there – understandably it vanishes quickly!

The next is the Icelandic/European Michellin Starred Restauraunt Texture, Portman Street, Mayfair. My wanting of skyr was so intense that for my 21st, Tom took us both to Texture for an amazing meal and to finish we had the skyr. Yum! So rich, like liquid cheesecake. I would want an IV of this! In any case, my hopes of finding anything even remotely skyr related beyond London were, naturally, set quite low. Until! The other day, in Asda something happened to catch my eye, it was skyr! Or, to be more precise, an Arla brand skyr-style yogurt. (Its skyr-style as only skyr made in Iceland can be called true skyr). But that’s good enough for me!

So, this morning (and for every morning until I”m completely sick of it), I had a breakfast of skyr with fresh blueberries and topped with rye bread crumbs (taken the idea from the skyr I had in Texture). All served in my Iittala Ultima Thule berry bowl by Tapio Wirkkala.

One minor craving, for the time being, satisfied!


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