Food: A big hug in a bowl!

Coming home from a rather arduous 9-5 shift on Bank Holiday Monday, (I know, “what a way to make a living”- it’s been in my head all day :/).  I needed a pick me up. Today hadn’t been the worst, but it really hadn’t been the best, and with the weather beaming outside, It made me long to finish sooner.

Thankfully, when I got home, Tom gave me the hug i needed, but he had also cooked us both dinner, a relieving surprise (as I didn’t feel like cooking tonight!) Major Brownie points won there.

Tonight’s dinner, (classic yet understated), the 80s classic carrot & coriander (cilantro) soup.

A simple, cheap, flavoursome dish that is exactly what I needed, a big hug in a bowl!

To make it he softened a large, chopped onion and two large cloves of garlic, then he chopped up four/five carrots; three/four sticks of celery and half a bag of new potatoes.

He added all that to the pot and covered with water (using boiling from the kettle).

He seasoned it with with bouillon, lots of black pepper and a generous handful of fresh coriander.

Then he covered it and let it simmer until the carrots and veg fell off the fork. Finally, he blitzed it down with a hand whisk and checked the seasoning.

I finished it off with a dollop of sour cream and some more fresh coriander – 80s-tastic I know 😉

(You can omit the sour cream, and it would be suitable for Vegans 🙂 )

We served it with fresh bread on my Iittala Solaris side plates, and devoured quickly!


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