Design: IKEA time!

(Picture taken from here)

Yesterday, was our second trip to IKEA of 2015 (we went a total of 8 times in 2014!) This time the goal was to get more napkins (as you know I love dressing a table with colourful napkins) and to get the BROMMÖ loungers for the garden.

The BROMMÖ chairs had been on my internal design shopping list for a while, but as we did not have a house last year, it seemed a total illogical frippery to buy them (and to store them) – plus the Ikea in Cardiff – IKEA Wales hasn’t always got what the other Ikeas in the UK in stock, as it’s a smaller store.

Anyway, I had been looking for some Mid Century inspired chairs for the garden, and we came across two options, the first being an Acapulco inspired chairs in Habitat, and the other being the BROMMÖ lounger. We decided on the BROMMÖ as Tom thought it was more comfortable.

The BROMMÖ is built from accaica (stained with a Teak finish, for that Danish look) and Polypropylene rope. The chair is basically a Mid Century gumbo pot of Poul Kjærholm’s 1951 PK 25 and Han’s Wegner’s 1949 Folding Chair. Albeit an inspired piece (obviously an orignal would be lovely!) for £40 per chair, the form is pretty good! Although, I will have to keep on top of them, if I want them to last, by regularly oiling them and keeping them from getting bleached in the sun.

The next item burning an ever bigger hole through our pockets was the Ikea LILLÖN barbecue. With its shiny black exterior (also available in green) and insect-ilke legs, this is definitely the Juicy Salif of the barbecue world. Giving off a Jetsons meets War of The Worlds vibe, it’s so Mid Century, you could imagine Don Draper cooking up some class A burgers on it. Plus it’s height is adjusted to 2 heights, one as a standalone barebecue for a cook-out, the other as a tabletop grill, for a picnic etc. For £90 we could get a bigger charcoal barbecue, but we just had to get it!

We had also picked up some more napkins and a couple of Marimekko Sukat makkaralla inspired SKOJA glasses for the picnicware set, and a few other bits and bobs.

Stocked up and checked out we then loaded up the car before having something to eat in the Ikea Cafeteria. It was surprisingly rather easy to get everything in the car- as normally it’s like the game of Tetris from hell.

We then grabbed something to eat, the compulsory köttbullar with plenty of grädsås and lingonsylt, it is an Ikea institution, after all!

And on the way back down, we had to stop at their Swedish Food Market for some pick & mix and some Påsk must. Yes, Påsk must, exactly the same as Jul must, but every time I see it I’m a sucker for it.

Full up on citron läppar, Licqorice and köttbullar, it was time to go home. Until the next time…


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