Design: Part II of the London Jaunt

After a lovely night of sourdough, Chianti and some quality Welsh cheeses, I had fallen victim of the dreaded hangover. Never fear, Lowri with her warm smile and a warm cuppa at hand to heal my self-induced woe!

After a long chat and some (more) tea and toast, it was time for myself and Tom, to set off. We started off in Tufnell Park, on the Northern Line, to visit a design shop, which had been there on my last visit. But, alas it had vanished 😦

Left a bit disappointed, I only managed to notice it in the corner of my eye. Near Tuffnell Park station a lovely little coffee cavern, Bear + Wolf. It’s been open nearly a year now, so it is still a bit of a secret.  A lovely design focused coffee shop, this ain’t no ordinary trendy London café, instead it’s a lovely relaxed space, where you can sit on vintage barstools and on teal Eames DSW to the back of the room. They have a kids cave, that’s a bright, colourful space contrasting with the matte grey of the rest of their shop. Did I mention their cakes? Man, the pistachio lemon cake, was divine, perfect with my green tea.

Leaving all cheered up, we decided to fulfil my crave for a design store and headed for The Conran Shop in Marylebone. The Mecca for design lovers, with its carefully curated collection. Things on display like precious jewels. I was left drooling after a black Anglepoise desk lamp. AAAHHH! That silhouette, such a classic! – And Marie-Louise Groot Kormelink’s Small house Wardrobe reminded me of the cute biscuits I had bought the day before in HEMA.

Tom then fancied going to Camden, so next, we headed there.

As it was a bloody hot day, we both needed something to cool down. Good thing that our first port of call was ChinChinLabs a regular haunt of ours when we head up to London. I always try their specials, so I had their vegan Easter special of passionfruit and marshmallow ice cream sprinkled with cacao nibs, whilst Tom had his favourite of Pondicherry Vanilla . What an ice cream! Sweet and tart, then the deep bitterness coming in from the cacao. So good! I’d urge you to get one if it’s still on the specials board when you visit.

The ice cream still tangy on our lips, we started to peruse round the market. We visited a Camden favourite of ours Atomium at The Stables Market. This time, among the myriad of treasures, there was a period Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair, Stelton steelware an Alvar Aalto table and a good selection of West German vases. Heaven.

With all that looking. My belly was well and truly rumbling. Lucky our London regular, Honest Burgers have a branch within Camden market. We knew exactly what to order. The Honest, cooked medium rare. Paprika onion rings. Homemade lemonade. So bad for me, but did I care? HELL NO! The meaty, savoury juice  running down my fingers as I bit down on the buttery, shiny brioche bun. This is the definition of dirty food. DIRTY, DEVIOUS, DELICIOUS FOOD!

Full up and deeply deeply satisfied, Tom and I then got ready for our long and arduous journey home. Three cheers for MegaBus!



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