Design: RSD ’15 & Cardiff

Carrying on from my last post from Friday, my brother picked me up to queue in Cardiff for Record Store Day. With a quick stop to Tesco to pick up the essential energy drinks and a snack (or two!) we were off! The roads, were pretty clear, as one would imagine at 1am!

Arriving at 2, we parked up at an NCP and tried to rush to the queue (spurred on by a tweet from Spillers Records that the queue had started at 8:30) we thought it would be huge by now, thankfully it wasn’t. We were third in the queue, next to my old friend Nia, and her boyfriend, Jonathan.

The tweet wasn’t lying though, the queue had truly started at 8:30, albeit by one guy, a regular at RSD at Spillers. This year me and Ryan (the bro) got talking to him and found out he’s a very interesting, lovely guy.

Time went relatively quick, probably because Nia and I hadn’t seen each other in ages, so we had lots to talk about…although there was the 6am slump, where all you could hear were the groans of the tired coming from the queue, which at this point had gone around the street. Plenty of coffee runs were needed!

With 9am finally approaching, light piercing through the arcade, it was nearly time, just a bit more waiting and it would be over! We then received tickets, so we could each go in order, rather than it be a huge free-for-all. Ashli then gave the go ahead. I was number 3, and my brother number 2.

Card at the ready I asked for the Warpaint/Daughter crossover remix 12”, ‘Put your arms around me 12”‘– a collaboration between Norwegian electo master Hans-Peter Lindstrøm/ also known simply as Lindstrøm, Swedish American musician Todd Rundgren, and Norwegian musician/producer Emil Nikolaisen. I had also asked for the RSD exclusive from the record label Finders Keepers, ‘Moomin Theme’ 7”. Limited to only 900 copies, the 7” has the theme from the 1983 televison series of The Moomins. It’s also housed in a fuzzy felt style sleeve, all factors which decided for me, haha! You know how much I love the Moomins, anything Moomin related, plus it’s great timing considering The Moomins on the Riviera movie is soon out in the cinemas. I’m sure fellow Moomin/Scandiphiles will totally snatch this up! As with my copy, Finders Keepers were hand delivering the record to its chosen record shops. Sadly they hadn’t got there in time for RSD, so I ordered it to pick it up next time I was in Cardiff. All was well.

The total of my spend, came under £20, which seemed peanuts compared to the bro, which was about £80-ish. As we were in Cardiff, we decided to get some things in Tiger, my second home, some German mustard in Wally’s and a surprise for Tom’s birthday (which is next week). While we were looking for a board game shop for the bro, I spotted a little shop that seemed just up my street. Home byKirsty, which opened in 2014, by trendsetter and designer Kirsty Patrick, who’s by Kirsty brand had already started to make waves. The place is an amazing little nook in Cardiff, and I adore the place so much, I will devote a whole blog post to it soon!

With a piece of lemon cheesecake from Patisserie Valerie to go, it was time to return home. All in all, a great day!

After being in Cardiff, I still had yet another shift to get through (yay!) and I didn’t end up sleeping until 11ish that night, it’s crazy how the body works, haha!

Thanks brawd (brother) xxx

-Also check out Nia’s blog, its worth a read 🙂


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