Back again (Don’t ask) Bakeoff and lots of baking

Hey y’all, I sadly didn’t keep my word on the ‘I’m Back’ side of things, and for that I’m sorry. but Summer has been a  bit of a whirlwind. We had builders in doing out the kitchen and fitting the new utility room (of which I shall show soon, I promise) we did out the living room, I contracted E.coli (yay) and Tom went away to work in America, so I’ve been ploughing myself full throttle into work.

This week, (tues) he flew back into my life (MAJOR YAY :D)

So I was back and started cooking, baking and pondering. Nathan wasn’t a robot anymore, he was back.

So only fitting I start re-writing this week too 😉

-Also, GBBO had begun in this time. Watching it gave me the extra boost to actually start cooking again.


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