Food: Vegan Ribs & co

So, after using half a packet of firm tofu for a stir-fry, I needed to think of what to make for the second half. The way it had been pressed gave me a huge idea – it was like char lines, or lines on a Rib steak. So, the obvious – vegan ribs came to mind. I chopped the pressed tofu into cm thick slices and marinaded them in my homemade BBQ Sauce: a mix of tomato purée, dark soy, a dash of liquid smoke, Chinese black vinegar, agave, a touch of garlic powder, pímenton, chipotle chilli powder, dried rosemary, a tiny bit of molasses, a small glass of beer, some ketchup for sweetness and with this one I tried a shot of cola into it. It really worked. Leaving it to marinade overnight gave the ribs chance to really take on the colour, flavour and firm up, ready for frying.

The next evening, when I wanted to use them I heated a pan up with a dash of garlic infused oil, and fried them – sans sauce on a hot pan (I used my shallow Le Creuset pan, which is such an amazing pan to get, would heavily recommend). Fry until sticky and black and place on a plate to stand. Whilst doing this, simmer and reduce the sauce to a sticky, smokey barbecue blend, pour on the sauce and done!

I served these with a simple Dijon vinaigrette dressed arugula/rocket salad, some boiled then chargrilled corn, slathered with tons of Vitalite and chipotle chilli powder, sweet potato fries (TIP: WANT CRISPY FRIES, LISTEN TO THE SORTED BOYS, THEY HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM OF SOGGY SWEET POTATO FRIES) and a grown up Cherry Coke to finish everything off.

To make this put a dash of Polish cherry syrup (Wiśnia) into a glass – I used my big ass Iittala Ultima Thule tumblers, ‘cos I’m cool like that, haha!

Add in a shot of Vodka – I used my favourite, Finlandia –  and a shot of Cherry Brandy, then top up with ice cold Cola, and enjoy!


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