Design: Nordic Ikebana

After buying the Gloria candleholder from Muuto (pictured)…


… it dawned on me that it had a very Eastern feel to it, with its use of black cast iron and its circular form, it instantly reminded me of some Ikebana vases I had seen before.

As we are doing up the master bedroom with a mix of Japanese and Nordic design – this was perfect!

I decided on my flowers, chrysanthemums for the Ikebana arrangement, now I needed the all important foliage. After foraging on a walk with the Mr, I had collected the necessary elements to finish the display. After carefully arranging the fauna, I placed it on my IKEA HEMNES side table, along with an IKEA SINNERLIG jug, I had bought earlier that day. Speaking of the SINNERLIG collection, I just love it! Its a collaboration between IKEA and Ilse Crawford, the collection utilises natural materials like cork, which give it a very organic and understated feeling. It also has a slight Japanese feeling towards it, which just gives me life!

What really gave me life though, was that my style idols, Juli and John from the drool worthy concept store Mjölk retweeted me! What? Little Welsh me? YEP 😀

They get what I’m Doing 😀 YAAAY


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