Food: Mexican Sweet potato & Chorizo parcels

After the fries I made the other day, I had some sweet potato to use up, so whilst at the checkouts in work, i brainstormed what to do with them… A curry? No…. fries,  again no….something Mexican!! 😉

So when I got home, and Tom following not long after, we started prepping straight away, peeling and chopping the sweet potato into chunks, as they would cook quicker, (salt and boil until tender).

Whilst the taters are boiling fry off diced chorizo until it oozes its paprika ladened oil, then fry off a diced onion until translucent in the orangey, smokey oil.

By now the potatoes should be done, strain them, and mash them up in a bowl. Now, place in a muslin and squeeze out the excess water, as you don’t want the filling to be too soggy. Put the now firmer, drier mixture back in the mixing bowl and add a can of Kidney beans (drained). Now mash a bit more. Then, add a tablespoonful of cumin powder, 1-2 tsp of chipotle chilli powder, 1tsp of chilli powder (I used mild) 1 roasted red pepper (in brine – pat down with paper towel until relatively dry) and cut up into chunks, some garlic infused oil and the now room temp chorizo and onions. Mix and leave to cool in the fridge until nice and firm.

You could also add in some cheese into the mix, I didn’t, but a nice smokey cheese or a strong mature Cheddar might be nice.

Whilst it’s chilling, you can make the parcels. Get some tortillas, I used flour ones, but corn ones would be a nice alternative. Flour the surface, cut the tortillas in half and roll out until 2mm thick. Now get the filling from the fridge and put a small chunk of the filling to one side of the tortilla. Fold into a parcel shape, pinching the ends and seal with an egg wash.

Fill a deep pan (or use the deep fat fryer, if you have one) with oil and put the hob on the highest setting, make sure the oil is nice and hot before you put the parcels in. When hot enough, pop a parcel into the oil and fry until golden – BE CAREFUL OF SPITTING OIL! Also, they cook super fast so be quick with the fish slice to flip them.

Once cooked strain with a slotted spoon or preferably, use a spider strainer and place on a plate with paper towel. Once the excess is off, sprinkle with salt, serve & done!

I served mine in a geometric bowl that I had bought last Saturday from TIGER in Carmarthen, along with an array of dips;

Garlic, Homemade guacamole and homemade red pepper hummus,

Buttery and smokey chipotle corn, a simple dressed arugula salad, using the rest of the dressing I had made the evening before and two larger shandies with a big squeeze of fresh lime juice to  give them a zing.



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