the Big break

Hi guys & gals. Since university started this year, the blogging had kind of taken a back seat to what was going on. Stepping up from Beginner’s German, of which I did last year to ‘intermediate’ German this year has been a colossal challenge. I found it really difficult and was struggling to keep up with the workload and with my fellow students. So, yesterday I took control of the situation and I took a suspension of study until next September, so I can use this time to:

  • Improve my level of German, so I’m primed for university next year
  • Improve and hone my writing & academic writing skills
  • keep up with the things I love- This blog, cooking etc

With the behemoth of pressure off my shoulders now, I have the time to actually improve my current skills, to learn new skills and to find  happiness again.

Thanks x



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