R.I.P David Bowie 1947-2016

Today  I’m coming from my cave in my bedroom of Spotify & comfort food to write about the being that left the world early ours of this morning.  Upon awakening, I found out that the force that is David Bowie sadly had passed away, thankfully, peacefully after a secret 18 month battle with cancer. I was so shocked that tears just kept rolling down my cheeks.

He has always been an icon to me. I grew up with his music. That, Pink Floyd and Rush were what my dad listened to and therefore my first introduction to music, since then he has always been there as an icon to me. He is one of the first rockstars to play with gender and with the Ziggy alter ego was genderfluid. He was one of the first to mix art, fashion and music into one beautiful entity.
When the exhibition about his work was at the the V&A- myself and Tom were lucky to get tickets- and it was amazing. In the same way that the Alexander McQueen exhibition has been inspirational for so many people, seeing the Kansai Yamamoto piece with the leggings that floated across his body was amazing and inspired. Many people know him from Labyrinth, a favourite film of many of my friends. He even was the first celeb crush of many…especially in Labyrinth. ‘Oh! Goblin King, Take me now!’

In all seriousness though,he is a true icon, spanning decade after decade and killing it. His latest output, Blackstar, is an amazing and moving album, and with second listen the lyrics seem far more poignant than ever.

A real genius! Rest in Peace Bowie, life won’t be the same without you. You and Ziggy can now explore space together!

-SN x


-Image by amazing illustrator/ author Keith Negley, chek out his work. It’s incredible.



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