Food: Canna Deli

After a late breakfast at Brød in Pontcanna, Cardiff (which I’ve wrote about before, you can read here) with my friend Nia. We strolled around the corner on to Kings Road and next to a Co-Op was an open gate. Intrigued by its modern signage, myself and Nia went to investigate and found there to be a strip of local businesses, one of them being the Canna Deli.



A reclaimed wooden bench sat outside the double fronted entrance, with its big windows and dark green metal frame providing a perfect industrial image for this eatery. Inside, the warm parquet flooring mixes with white tiles and pendant lights from IKEA’s SINNERLIG collection (designed by Ilse Crawford) with more reclaimed wood panelling. A pipe shelf display is lined with Welsh artisanal products for sale, such as Halen Môn salt, Welsh ciders and beers, Falcon enamel cookware and slate serving ware. What dominates the space is the deli counter filled with their award winning cheeses (made in Anglesey), pastries and cakes. Looking for something small to eat we sat down, and were greeted warmly in Welsh – Great!/Grêt! I hadn’t used my Welsh in a while, so this was a prime opportunity to practice.


When you walk in you’re greeted by Elin and/or one of her super friendly team (yn Gymraeg, no less). Their menu, albeit a bit on the pricey side, is filled with a great selection of lunch options with great quality ingredients such as salmon from the Old Billyo Smokehouse. Looking at the specials  board our eyes were grabbed by the brie, cranberry and rocket sandwich. We ordered one to share and drinks – a tea for Nia and a cloudy lemonade for me. They do outstanding coffee I’ve heard but I was craving something cold and sweet as we’d just had two coffees in Brød!  As I went to order, I couldn’t stop looking at the cakes at the top of the counter and after asking their flavours I simply couldn’t resist getting lemon tart (topped with red currants and a pink macaron)!

It wasn’t long before they were both brought to our table, the sandwich in what looked like half a boule, all crispy and melty from the cheese and the lemon tart on a slate platter with their awesome logo carved into it. Needless to say the cloudy lemonade really went with the sharp, sweet flavours of the tart. It was simply delicious. This place is a proper hidden treasure. Gwych!


Find them at:

200, Kings Road, Cardiff,

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